Support Small: Summer Essentials by GJ’s @ Alfreton

Posted by: Katie King

Mon 27th June 2022

Located on Mansfield Road, GJ’s is Alfreton’s local hardware & DIY store that stocks all the essentials and more for the home and garden.

From DIY material and furniture to home accessories and garden gadgets, GJ’s has everything for a season of fun at home in the sun.

Here are some of our favourite summer essentials:


The perfect way to stay warm late into the evening and add that glamourous touch to the garden, the GJ’s Fire Pits start from just £24.99 and can get as fancy as £99.99.

Summer isn’t summer without a BBQ in the back yard. GJ’s range from high quality disposable sets at £7.99 to a stunning firepit and BBQ in one for £64.99.

GJ’s stock a selection of fans for indoor and outdoor use, but we particularly love the handheld battery fans with the option to add mist starting from just £3.99. Add a little bit of Lavender and Peppermint essential oils to your mist to combat the effects of hay fever. Lavender works as a natural antihistamine with strong anti-inflammatory properties while peppermint is strong, fresh and minty and opens clogged sinuses almost immediately through inhalation of the mist.


Keep the kids entertained, the dogs cool, and the beers ice cold with the essentials of all summer essentials – the paddling pool.
Kids, dogs and grownups all love a paddle in a pool, especially when its hot. GJ’s offer a selection of sizes and styles for different budgets starting from 1.47m at £7.99 to 2.62m at £34.99. You’ll also find all the pool gadgets on the shelves too.


Get rid of those annoying flies, bugs and insects with a selection of bug resistant products. There’s nothing worse than flies ruining a beautiful summer day, and GJ’s are prepared with a range of fixed and mobile bug solutions.

The range includes insect proof door screens starting at £3.99 to heavy duty electrical insect killers for £19.99.
Mosquitos can be kept at bay with the natural scent of citronella and GJ’s have plenty of candles and oils in stock too.


There’s nothing more fun for the than going head-to-head with family and friends over a game. Now make that a giant game, and we have a lot of family fun to be had!

GJ’s stock giant dominos, wooden skittles, and huge ‘4 in a row’ games starting from £10.99 and they’re guaranteed to provide hours of fun for participants of most ages.

Find out more here.
Visit GJ’s at 29 Mansfield Road Alfreton, DE55 7JJ, UK.
Tel: 01773 521593

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