The English department at David Nieper Academy has it’s very own author!

Posted by: Laura Hammond

Fri 2nd July 2021

I just had to post on here about our amazing Mrs Wilcockson, not only is she a fabulous English, Geography and PSHE teacher but she is also now a published author! Why not have a look at her wonderful children’s book, Granny Annie’s Adventures available at:

You can follow Granny Annie at her website:

You can even follow Granny Annie’s Adventures on Instagram!

Here is what Mrs Wilcockson has to say about her wonderful story.

What does your granny do when you’re not home?
Does she fall asleep? Watch TV? Read a book? Bake a cake?
Well…Granny Annie isn’t your average Granny!
She’s a goofy Granny who loves nothing more than to have some fun!

About the author:

My name is Shelley and I am so pleased you’re here. I thought I’d tell you a bit about me and how Granny Annie came to life!

Firstly, I am a mum to a very lively one year old boy and step-mu to two wonderful daughters. My husband and our family live in Chesterfield, Derbyshire where we have raised our three children. I am also a proud secondary school teacher which has brought me great joys over the years.

Granny Annie first introduced herself to be at roughly 2am one sleepless night. I pictured her clearly in my mind, causing chaos and mischief, but with a charm only encapsulated by a loveable Grandma. That’s the thing about Grandma’s, there’s nobody quite like them. I had two very special ones of my own and I’m sure you’ll agree, they are irreplaceable.

Granny Annie is one such Grandmother; she doesn’t take herself too seriously- a trait my friends and family will testify as one of my own. She laughs every day and enjoys life, something I hope will inspire my young readers to do also.

I do hope you enjoy reading her adventures and who knows what she may get up to next!

This is just a prime example as to the wonderful things that happen in our local community, there are exceptionally talented people hidden in every corner and we are so proud to have so many incredible members of staff here at the Academy!