County council sets out plans for year ahead

Posted by: Belinda Hargreaves

Wed 10th April 2024

Derbyshire County Council has set out its plans for the year ahead.
DCC’s updated ‘Council Plan for 2024 to 2025’ has now been published after it was agreed by the council’s latest Full Council meeting.
A spokesman for the council said: “Solid plans outlining ambitions, values and objectives for the year ahead lie at the heart of our refreshed Council Plan.
“Key sections of the plan highlight our ambitions and values, the outcomes we seek to achieve and the strategic approach to be followed which will see us working with and for communities and in collaboration with partners.
“The strategic approach is underpinned by three key areas of activity, Enterprising Council, Thriving Communities and Vision Derbyshire.
“The plan shows how these three areas have placed us in a stronger position to deliver our ambitions, adapt and respond to challenges and bring about changes needed to ensure future success.”
The spokesman continued: “A total of 33 objectives have been identified for delivery over the coming year and all come under one of five key areas which are: resilient, thriving and green communities which share responsibility for improving their areas and supporting each other; happy, safe and healthy people, with solid networks of support, who feel in control of their personal circumstances and aspirations; a strong, diverse and clean economy which makes the most of Derbyshire’s rich assets and provides meaningful opportunities for local people to achieve their full potential; great places to live, work and visit with high performing schools, diverse cultural opportunities, transport connections that keep things moving and a healthy and sustainable environment for all; high quality public services that work together alongside communities to deliver services that meet people’s needs.”
The council spokesman added: “Over the next year we will refresh this strategic approach for the next four-year planning period, 2025 to 2029.
“This will see the way we work with partners evolve to align with the newly formed East Midlands County Combined Authority and ensure Derbyshire residents get the best value from the £1.14 billion regional investment agreed with government as part of the devolution deal.
“The 2024 to 2025 refreshed Council Plan, with a new foreword by county council Leader Councillor Barry Lewis and managing director Emma Alexander, also details the challenges facing us, from huge budget pressures and the high cost of living, to issues around climate change and the work being done to reduce harmful greenhouse gas emissions.”
Derbyshire County Council Leader councillor Barry Lewis said: “One of the most important tasks of our year is to revisit and refresh our Council Plan and ensure it contains strong objectives for the year ahead, as well as highlighting our ambitions and values and the outcomes we will strive to achieve.
“This refreshed plan for 2024 to 2025 will help us to steer a clear path to where we need to be over the course of the next 12 months, while identifying the challenges along the way.
“Rethinking the way we do our planning can be just as important, and as an enterprising council we are always looking to adapt and embrace new ways of thinking, ensuring we continue to deliver value for money for all Derbyshire residents, putting them at the heart of all that we do.”

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