Farewell to former choir member

Posted by: Belinda Hargreaves

Fri 26th April 2024

Members of a male voice choir have been saying farewell to one of its former members.
Stan Green, who sadly passed away last month, had been a member of Alfreton Male Voice Choir for many years, including being a past committee member and Vice President of the choral group.
His funeral recently took place at St Martin’s Church in Alfreton and saw members of the choir in attendance.
A spokesman for the choir said: “Family and many friends came together at St Martin’s Church, Alfreton to say a fond farewell to Stan Green who passed away recently.
“Father Mark Taylor led in Stan’s coffin along with the family group whilst Alfreton Male Voice Choir, with accompanist Lisa Smith, sang the Welsh hymn, Gwahoddiad (I hear thy welcome voice, That calls me, Lord, to Thee).
“Stan’s favourite poem was read by family member Connie after which the choir sang ‘What a Wonderful World.”

The choir spokesman continued: “Daughters Stephanie and Elizabeth gave a family eulogy about life with their Dad, Winston (after Churchill) and their mum Rita who has also passed away, who as a couple gave so much to family life and then to church life, Rotary and Choir.
“After prayers including the Lords Prayer, the choir led the final hymn, ‘The Lords my Shepherd, I’ll not want’ Based on Psalm 23.
“Following the words of committal by Father Mark, Stan’s coffin was carried from church to the music of ‘Goin Home’ (Fisher/Dvorak) played by accompanist Lisa and lyrics hummed by the choir creating a beautiful atmosphere.
“After a short service at Swanwick Crematorium friends joined family at Palmer Morewood Social Club in Alfreton.”

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