Roads Minister Richard Holden visited j28 of the M1 with Mark Fletcher

Improvements to J28 of M1 ‘very much on our agenda’ says Roads Minister

Posted by: Laura Hammond

Mon 31st July 2023

Making improvements to J28 of the M1 is ‘very much’ on the government’s agenda, according to the Roads Minister.

Richard Holden MP visited the busy junction with Bolsover MP Mark Fletcher on Sunday (July 30).

Mr Fletcher, whose constituency includes South Normanton and J28 of the M1, has long been campaiging for improvements to be made to the junction.

In January, Mr Fletcher held a Westminster Hall Debate on the matter and highlighted concerns around the safety of the junction – known as the Pinxton Interchange.

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He said: “This junction is simply not fit for purpose and over capacity. Whether it comes to safety, delays, air pollution or reliability, J28’s design is causing problems.”

Delays at the junction are costing the economy £4.5 million every year.

Mr Fletcher has also raised his campaign in the House of Commons and held a meeting with the Secretary of State for Transport to discuss his concerns.

During the visit on Sunday, the MPs discussed three possible redesigns for the junction, which have been put forward by National Highways.

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Mr Fletcher said: “It was a pleasure to welcome Richard to the Pinxton Interchange to discuss the options that have been put forward.

“These scheme range in cost, complexity, the long-term cost-benefit and how future-proof the designs will be.

“I would like to see the most comprehensive design possible being implemented at this junction as it will ensure congestion is eliminated, provide the best support for local businesses and reduce long-term noise and air pollution for local residents.

“I look forward to future meetings with National Highways and officials in the Department for Transport following further consultation on these designs.”

Mr Holden said: “We all want to see some progress made here at J28. We’re going to have to see in terms of budget and what can be achieved, but this is very much on our agenda.”

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