Increase in Facebook MarketPlace payment scam reports

Posted by: Laura O'Neil

Thu 31st March 2022

Police are issuing a warning after an increase in reports of fraud on Facebook MarketPlace.

Sellers have lost high-value items such as phones, designer clothing, and games consoles after being led to believe that payment has been made or is pending and releasing an item to the buyer.

The buyers in question may send fake bank transfer screenshots or email confirmations as proof of payment.

However, when the seller checks their online accounts, the payment is not there.

When accepting payments online, always check your account or third-party payment facility to ensure that payment has been cleared before handing over or posting the goods.

Do not use links or websites supplied by the buyer to check for payment, as these can also be forged and look genuine. Always log in to payment providers via a trusted route.

while buy and sell pages can be a good way to reduce clutter and make some money, please always consider your safety, and follow these tips:

  1. Meet the buyer in a busy public place that you are familiar with, potentially a café, shop, or car park that you know is covered by CCTV.
  2. Take a friend or relative with you.
  3.  If you are feeling nervous or unsure, you could take images or videos so that the buyer and items can be identified if there is any dispute or theft.

All reports of this nature also need to be reported to Action Fraud 0300 120 2040 or online