“Little learners are building blocks of friendship and kindness”

Posted by: Belinda Hargreaves

Mon 26th February 2024

Youngsters at a nursery in Derbyshire have been “building blocks of friendship and kindness” through their latest activities.
Ashbourne Day Nurseries at Alfreton offers a multitude of creative fun for their youngsters and the latest tasks set for the children have included sensory colour mixing and making cakes.
A spokesman at the nursery, which is situated in Grange Street, Alfreton, said: “Our little learners have been exploring sensory colour mixing today.
“With lots of interest surrounding tipping and pouring it has been the perfect opportunity for them take individual lead on cause and effect based on their actions.
“Along with being supported to engage and participate alongside other children, the building blocks of friendship and kindness.”
They said another day: “This morning the children have been making a chocolate cake as requested by one child.
“They loved mixing, cracking the eggs but most importantly taste testing at the end.”

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