Maths and history focus for student trip

Posted by: Belinda Hargreaves

Fri 8th March 2024

Students from the David Nieper Academy in Alfreton have recently taken a trip to Leeds for a maths and history focused outing.
Mr Doohan at the academy said: “Recently, 23 more able and talented students took a trip by train to Leeds. The destination was the National Mathematics Discovery Centre, also known as Maths City.
“The centre, located in the heart of Leeds, hosts a wide range of interactive exhibits that demonstrate the history and beauty of mathematics.
“In the photos, you can see students studying cross sections in the laser ring, unlocking the mysteries of the aperiodic Penrose tiling, and building a remarkable dome held together simply by the weight of its parts.
“Another popular exhibit was the digitally enhanced sandpit, which used precise distance measurement to lay a topographical map over the students’ physical creations (with added volcanoes if they could build a tall enough hill).”

Mr Doohan continued: “After two hours at Maths City, everyone was ready to explore further, so the trip continued to Leeds City Museum.
“The museum featured exhibits covering the entire history and prehistory of the area. It was a shorter stop, but still a very interesting one, and then it was time for the train home.
“Despite enjoying the tastes of the artisan food vendors right outside Maths City before heading in, the students had been desperate for a stop at McDonald’s. The simplest route back from Leeds City Museum took the group into the railway station, and what should they find on the concourse but another set of familiar golden arches. It was almost like we had planned it.
“Miss Crisp and I had an amazing time, and would like to thank the students for showing such exemplary behaviour while navigating a busy city centre.
“The trip sold out very quickly, so we are already looking at whether it can run again soon to allow as many students as possible to experience this great day.”

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