Plans to build a lion den in Strelley approved

Posted by: Laura O'Neil

Sun 10th October 2021

Plans to build a new lions’ den and extend existing enclosures in Strelley have been approved.

Reece Oliver, a licensed zookeeper, looks after two African lions called Rocky and Rora in an enclosure, as well as a Canadian puma called Rogue, on his farm.

He requested planning permission to extend his enclosure which was approved by Broxtowe Borough Council in March this year.

The council has again approved plans on September 20, this time to construct a new lions’ den, extend an enclosure and also construct a stable extension.

His application to the council said: “The two lions on the site are currently housed in one of the converted horse boxes within the stable. The proposal to construct a separate lions’ den is designed to allow easier access to an enlarged enclosure area as the lions approach a mature size and need more space for animal welfare reasons

“The proposal involves the erection of 3m high wooden fence posts at 4m centres and connected with high-security steel mesh wire fencing similar to that used in many zoos.

“It will have steel crank topped brackets connected by 5 strands of steel wire to prevent climbing. The fence follows the outer perimeter of the field directly north of the stables and will contain the current caged area.

“This form of fencing is widely used in safari parks and zoos elsewhere in the UK.”

Mr Oliver recently featured in documentaries by Ross Kemp and Stacey Dooley, offering an inside look into his world and introduced the world to the animals he keeps in the village.

Photo Credit – Reece Oliver

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