Police up patrols due to anti-social behaviour in town

Posted by: Belinda Hargreaves

Wed 27th March 2024

Police in a Derbyshire town have stated that have increased patrols following reports of anti-social behaviour in their neighbourhood.
The announcement has been made by Derbyshire Police regarding the Mansfield Terrace area of Alfreton.
A spokesman for Alfreton Police SNT said yesterday (March 26): “Due to recent reports of anti-social behaviour, we are conducting more patrols around the area of Mansfield Terrace in Alfreton.
“Please continue to report any issues you may have.
“Ways to report include: We have crime reporting tools on our website; Facebook – send us a private message to the Derbyshire Constabulary Facebook page; or call us on 101 or 999 in an emergency.”
Meanwhile, Alfreton Town Council have also issued a statement encouraging residents to report any anti-social behaviour they may witness.
A spokesman for the council said: “Important community announcement – Contact the Police on 101 for anti-social behaviour and intimidation reports in Alfreton.
“If you witness or experience any incidents related to anti-social behaviour, intimidation, or other concerning activities, don’t hesitate. Dial 101 to report it to the police. “
They continued: “By making that call, you’re helping create a detailed log of incidents in our community.
“This information is crucial for law enforcement to address issues effectively.
“Remember, your voice matters. Let’s work together to keep Alfreton safe and secure.”

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