Students take a step back in time in the capital

Posted by: Belinda Hargreaves

Mon 4th March 2024

Students at the David Nieper Academy in Alfreton have been taking a step back in time with a visit to the capital.
Miss Naylor from the academy said: “Across two days recently, we were lucky enough to take the whole of Year 8 to Hampton Court Palace. Henry VIII was gifted this palace by his Lord Chancellor, Thomas Wolsey, in the later half of the 1520s.
“Students had an early start as we left school at 7am on both days, travelling down to London in one sweet and chocolate-fuelled journey.
“Once there, students were split into groups and were able to explore the palace and the gardens.
“While there, we saw the grand kitchens, which were used to feed hundreds of members of the Tudor nobility, and there was even a separate chocolate kitchen.”

Miss Naylor continued: “We saw the room where Henry married Katherine Parr, along with a real gold replica of his crown.
“Students also got a session run by staff at Hampton Court exploring the Tudors and their global influence. They revealed that Shakespeare may have gotten his inspiration for the play Othello from a Moroccan ambassador in Queen Elizabeth I’s court.
“In addition, the Great Hall at Hampton Court is the only original building left where Shakespeare performed his plays.
“Pupils got to let off some steam by having a run around the gardens and admiring the spectacular fountains.
“A great day was had by all on Wednesday and Thursday, and it was fabulous to see so many mini-historians showing their wealth of knowledge about the Tudors to the staff at Hampton Court.”

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