Towns Outseats Farm development

Town Council dismay at loss of promised healthcare facility

Posted by: Laura O'Neil

Thu 18th November 2021

Alfreton Town Council members have reacted angrily to the news that Amber Valley Borough Council have approved plans for seven detached houses on land earmarked for a healthcare facility as part of the Towns Outseats Farm development.

The land was reserved for a future Healthcare Facility in both the Outline and Full Planning Applications by Wheeldon Brothers and formed part of the planning permission granted for the site.

The town council said that the borough council did not attach the required conditions to the planning approval to insist upon the land being used for a healthcare facility, or include any planning gain Section 106 requirements, and has also forgotten to include the facility in its Local Plan.

In spite of the town councils concerns, and objections from Local Planning Board member Cllr John Walker, the borough council approved the application via delegated powers avoiding the scrutiny of the planning board.

Cllr Scott Walker said: “It is utterly appalling that Amber Valley Borough Council has once again sold Alfreton short, rather than local residents having a much needed new Healthcare Facility, residents instead will be faced with increased demand on already stretched services.

“There is something seriously wrong when a promise made by a developer can be overwritten by a discreet process and the only ones who seem to have benefited is the developer with around two million pounds of additional house sales.

“This is the latest in a long list of poor administration of matters concerning this development, be it closed rights of ways, unwalkable width footpaths, working outside authorised hours, public money being spent to make the access safe, and failure to deliver promised Bridleway improvements”

Amber Valley Borough Council has been contacted for comment.

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Towns Outseats Farm development