Former Alfreton High Street Bakery

Application seeks permission to increase number of rooms at High Street HMO

Posted by: Laura Hammond

Fri 3rd March 2023

A new planning application seeks permission to increase the number of rooms at a new HMO on Alfreton’s High Street.

The application is for 78 High Street, formerly home to Hill’s Bakery.

In July last year, a separate planning application seeking permission to turn part of the former bakery into a house of multiple occupancy was submitted to Amber Valley Borough Council.

The application sought permission to create seven bedsits while the retaining the High Street shop front and a small commercial space.

That bid was approved in October last year and the new one seeks permission to build three bedsits on land to the rear of the property.

The applicant also wants to build bike and bin stores on the land which was previously used for delivery access.

You can view the full planning application by searching for reference AVA/2023/0098 here.

Picture credit – Google Maps