Move over umbrellas – it’s time for bloomers in town

Posted by: Belinda Hargreaves

Fri 15th March 2024

A town centre in Derbyshire is set to have a display of some very large bloomers as part of a council’s latest campaign to raise awareness of the town and its businesses.
‘Alfreton in Bloomers’ is a new project being organised by Alfreton Town Council in partnership with David Nieper and Decx.
A spokesman for the town council said: “We are working on a project to replace the umbrellas that were on Institute Lane, Central Road and at Alfreton House. In partnership with Decx and David Nieper both Alfreton businesses.
“We will be celebrating the heritage and history of the textiles industry of Alfreton.”
They further explained: “The aim of this project is to showcase Alfreton, its businesses and community through innovative advertising whilst supporting the regeneration of the town.
“Any sponsorship funds remaining after production of the cost of the ‘Alfreton in Bloomers’ will be donated to a local charity or chosen charity appropriate to the project.”

Alfreton Town Council has provided several town centre displays since 2021.
The council spokesman said: “Alfreton is the only town in Amber Valley to offer this attraction.
“The displays use the same infrastructure as the Christmas Lights with additional setup to offer a fuller attraction during the summer months. Past displays have consisted of umbrellas, wisteria and blossom.”

Pictured is the previous umbrella display in Institute Lane.

The spokesman continued: “2024 will see the town council embarking on new projects which include a complete planting scheme with the introduction into Alfreton in Bloom. This is where the idea of the Alfreton in Bloomers has evolved.
“As the town has a strong history of hosiery and textile production there is a strong link to clothing and associated firms.
“The idea for the display will be a sponsored installation showcasing local business through clothes relating to their industry. “
The installation of the Alfreton in Bloomers is planned to take place in early May 2024 and it will stay in place until September.

Now the town council is calling on local businesses, within the DE55 postcode area, to get involved and sponsor the project, while also have their business advertised within the display.
The council spokesman said: “The washing line concept will be built by displaying items of clothing, relevant to the business, where possible, with sponsorship details contained.
“The cost of the sponsorship will include the manufacturing and preparation of installation which includes strengthening of the items of clothing so that the display is relatively unaffected by the weather. Items should remain in a position where the sponsorship details can be seen.
“The final design of the layout installation will provide maximum benefit to the larger items, staggered across the line to the one in front/behind.
“We anticipate an average of eight items per washing line. This is based on four items such as shirt trouser etc, then bloomers/boxers, pair of socks for example. This also includes clothes pegs for the items to be hung from.”

Pictured is an idea of the clothing designs for the display

The spokesman continued: “To display one item, supplied by the sponsor, will cost £175. To display a washing line with four items supplied by the sponsor, will cost £395.
“Each line will contain four sponsored items and up to four in fill items which will be the bloomers, boxer shorts and t-shirts.
“This will provide advertising for participating businesses from May to September.”
The spokesman added: “This is an exciting and new project for Alfreton, a perfect advertising opportunity for any local business.
“The town council would ideally like to work with David Nieper Foundation and David Nieper Academy to supply the garments where possible.
“Initial sponsors who will be invited to take part are all businesses in DE55 area, this will include independent, national and international companies. Promoting the variety of businesses in our vicinity.”

To find out more about getting involved in the Alfreton in Bloomers project, call Alfreton Town Council on 01773 520032, or email

Pictured is an artists impression of how the new display could look in Institute Lane.

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