Residents reminded of who to call regarding storm damage as poor weather continues

Posted by: Laura O'Neil

Thu 17th February 2022

With winds picking up across the county and stormy weather set to continue, Derbyshire Constabulary is reminding residents of who to contact regarding fallen trees and flooding.

Storm Eunice is expected to cause significant disruption on Friday, due to extremely strong winds.

We are reminding residents who to call in the event of storm-related incidents:

  • Fallen tree on a road, not endangering life – call your local authority
  • Fallen tree on a road where life is in danger, or fallen tree onto property where life is in danger – call 999
  • Unsafe structure overhanging a public highway – Fire and Rescue Service via 999
  • General flooding – wait for the water to subside and do not enter flood water.
  • Flooding with life risk – Fire and Rescue Service via 999

If roads become unsafe due to flooding or fallen trees, motorists should make sure they obey any road closure signs.