Students celebrate Lunar New Year with culinary delights

Posted by: Belinda Hargreaves

Fri 23rd February 2024

Year 12 students at the David Nieper Academy in Alfreton have been celebrating the Lunar New Year.
Teacher Mr Dinh said: “This year, I decided to bring a new tradition to my Year 12 form as we gathered around to celebrate the end of the year and embrace the Lunar New Year.
“I am very proud of the diversity in our form, which allows us to understand and experience different cultures. We shared stories about different parts of the world and how we all come together here at David Nieper Academy.
“Picture this: a classroom transformed into a bustling marketplace of culinary delights, where every student turned chef for the day. From top-secret family recipes to kitchen experiments gone hilariously wrong, the potluck spread was a culinary rollercoaster that had us guessing what each dish was supposed to be.
“Let’s just say that some of us discovered hidden talents in the kitchen. The joyous laughter and heartfelt conversations that filled the room underscored the sense of unity and friendship within our form. Regardless of our differences, we found common ground in celebrating a tradition that transcends cultural boundaries.”
Mr Dinh continued: “One of the highlights of the celebration was the exchange of lucky money in red envelopes, a customary practice during the Lunar New Year symbolising good fortune and blessings for the year ahead.
“Of course, no Lunar New Year celebration would be complete without a healthy dose of superstition. As a gesture of goodwill, these envelopes were given to all students, wishing them luck, happiness, and success in all their endeavours.”
Mr Dinh added: “We were also grateful for different members of staff who joined us on the day; even if it was brief, we were able to show how strong we are as a form.
“I hope events like this will bring the students closer together. I hope my stories and my background inspire students to go places, experience different cultures, and share their stories with everyone.
“Here’s to a wonderful new year with 12PDI.”
Student Courtney White said: “I really enjoyed celebrating the Lunar New Year with Mr Dinh and my classmates. The food was delicious.
“It was nice to see everyone volunteering with the food preparation and everyone bringing in their own food. I think everyone enjoyed the spring rolls Mr Dinh brought in especially.
“Overall, it was a new experience, and everyone really enjoyed it.”
Student Owen Ball added: “Me and Owen Clarke microwaved Charlie Hanson’s sausage rolls after making the sensible decision to not microwave the wrapping paper.
“Some cola and prawn crackers were our contribution to the wonderful feast we had to celebrate the Lunar New Year and the start of the year of the Dragon.”

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