Cash for hedgerows up for grabs for farmers

Posted by: Belinda Hargreaves

Wed 17th April 2024

Farmers across Derbyshire are being encouraged to bid for funding to help them improve hedgerows across the county.
The funding has been made available by Derbyshire County Council.
A spokesman for the council said: “Did you know that farmers and landowners along the eastern and southern fringes of Derbyshire can get Government grants to plant hedgerow on their land as well as trees?
“It’s all part of a project to create Derbyshire’s Heartwood Community Forest, which is being funded by the England’s Community Forests Trees for Climate Fund.”
The spokesman continued: “The fund, which is part of the government’s Nature for Climate programme, offers one of the most competitive grant schemes for tree and hedgerow planting available today, and grants can be used to support a range of different woodland options – from hedgerow planting with or without trees and small-scale tree planting, to large multi-use woodlands extending more than five hectares.”

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