Charity van gets a ‘bling’ makeover

Posted by: Belinda Hargreaves

Wed 21st February 2024

A Derbyshire charity has had a makeover of its collection and delivery van.
Oscari is a scheme which is run from the Church Of Christ, Colledge Street in Riddings.
The organisation offers a multitude of help and support including a community pantry where residents in need can purchase food and other products at very discounted rates. The initiative also runs craft sessions and a foodbank.
A spokesman for Oscari said recently: “A huge thank you goes out to our Kate who has very professionally ‘blinged’ up our van.
“Now we can advertise Oscari wherever we go.”
Meanwhile, the spokesman has also issued an update all about how Oscari works. They said: “We are more than your normal food bank. By this I mean we are totally independent and we have no means testing (you don’t need to prove benefits), we don’t need to see wage slips or any other evidence like most food banks and we have no referral criteria.
“We believe that if you are at the point of having to ask for help to feed yourself and family you shouldn’t be made to feel any worse by providing proof or asking people to refer you etc.
“We believe in trust and compassion and helping the person and family in anyway possible. All emergency food parcels are totally free and are made for the recipients, no matter the numbers to have three meals a day for a minimum of four days.”
They continued: “To this end we also run a food pantry every Tuesday which is just like a shop only there are limits to the amount you can buy and the total cost is always £7.50 for which you also receive fresh bread, fresh fruit and veg and frozen items (not in the food parcel).
“The pantry shop, in a shop, could cost anything up to around £80 if you had the branded items including store home brands.
“We also provide access to services from CAB, NHS outreach services including sexual health, energy support, free internet and computer access, free warm space with drinks and biscuits every week (including hot food every other week in winter).
“We help with benefit claims, job applications, signposting to other services both statutory and voluntary and much much more. We run a craft group on a Monday for anyone who wants to come along and are extending our pantry to open alternate Saturdays to support those who can’t get on a week day.”
The Oscari spokesman added: “All in all we do whatever is needed to support those that are in need both physically by way of all the above but also emotionally, we believe that everyone should be able to hold their head up when they come to us and leave us.
“Regarding donations, we accept everything from tins of beans to shower gel, nappies to jars of jam and cartons of milk.
“We get no funding other than what grants we can get, we do get support from some local businesses and stores but 93 per cent of our stock we purchase at the shelf prices.
“All we recommend for people that do donate to us is to think about how much you want to spend and then get the slightly cheaper options as you can then get more and it goes further.
“The only thing left for me to say is a huge thank you on behalf of the individuals and families in advance of your support.”

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