Oscari now offers a goody bag filled with treats for just £3.50

Community pantry offers goody bag filled with treats worth £20 for just £3.50

Posted by: Laura Hammond

Mon 4th July 2022

A community pantry where you can do a food shop for just £5 now offers a goody bag filled with treats for just £3.50.

Oscari – based at the Church of Christ in Colledge Street, Riddings – launched the pantry in May in response to the cost of living crisis.

The pantry opens weekly on a Tuesday and members can visit each week.

For just £5, pantry members can buy food worth at least £50 but most shops tend to have a value of between £75 and £50.

The pantry has been a huge success and the team, made up of volunteers, has already expanded what’s on offer.

Now, for just £3.50, pantry members will be able to buy a goody bag stocked with fizzy drinks, chocolate and other treats.

The contents of each goody bag will have a value of at least £20.

The bags are limited to one per shopper per week.

Oscari stocks the pantry by buying in pallets of food from HIS Church and from donations offered by One Stop in Alfreton, Greggs in Somercotes, Morrisons in Belper, Luke Evans in Riddings and Lidl in Ripley.

Oscari said: “Without all these companies and constant fundraising, we couldn’t do what we do.

“Adding in a few luxury packs for a small price helps us to keep buying the amounts of food and offering it at such a reduced price to support everyone.”

Oscari is also now running either a tombola or raffle for pantry members. Tombola tickets are five for £1 and raffle tickets are £1 each.

It costs £10 to join the community pantry and £5 thereafter for a weekly shop.

You can find out more information about the pantry by visiting the Oscari Facebook page.

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What £5 could buy at the community pantry in Riddings

Oscari now offers a goody bag filled with treats for just £3.50

Some of the treats that could be included in a goody bag from the Oscari community pantry

Oscari buys in pallets of food to stock the community pantry