Family litter pick to raise funds for charity

Posted by: Belinda Hargreaves

Mon 15th April 2024

A Derbyshire family are embarking on a sponsored walk and litter pick within their neighbourhood to raise funds for a community charity.
Oscari is a scheme which is run from the Church Of Christ, Colledge Street in Riddings. It offers a multitude of help and support including a community pantry where residents in need can purchase food and other products at very discounted rates. The initiative also runs craft sessions and a foodbank.
Resident Kirsty Lancashire has organised a fundraiser to help raise funds for Oscari.
She states on her Go Fund Me online fundraising page: “Myself and my family are hoping to raise money for Oscari in Riddings.
“Oscari provide food parcels to the most in need and also a Food Pantry for its weekly and many customers.
“It has been a lifeline for myself and my family along with many many other people.”
Kirsty continued: “They have recently received a very large bill, which to keep doing what they are, really needs to be raised.
“Me and the kids plan on doing on sponsored walk and litter pick on Sunday, April 29, with details to be confirmed closer to the time.
“We would love to raise as much as we can, so anything you can donate would be very gratefully received. Thank you.”

To donate to Kirsty’s cause go to here

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