Preserving precious memories of being a ballerina

Posted by: Belinda Hargreaves

Wed 17th April 2024

Staff at a care home in Alfreton have been helping a resident to preserve her memories of being a dancer when she was younger.
The Meadows Care Home have gone all out to help resident Doreen to be able to treasure her memories from when she used to be a ballerina.
A spokesman for the home, which is situated in Mansfield Road, said: “When Doreen first came to The Meadows she often spoke about her memories of her days as a dancer.
“As a young girl Doreen was passionate about dancing and began to take ballet lessons at the age of three, thus began her story of dance which spanned many years.
“Doreen learnt to tap dance and took lessons in ballroom dancing, but her passion was for ballet.
“In 1945 at the tender age of 14 Doreen took her exams with the British Ballet Organisation incorporating the Operatic Dancing.
“Doreen says this enabled her to teach ballet to younger children. This was something she was extremely proud of and loved doing.”

The spokesman continued: “Doreen’s passion for ballet has never wavered and she loves to watch ballet.
“Doreen has a pair of ballet pumps from her younger days of ballet dancing, these are very special to her and hold a lot of treasured memories.
“Here at the Meadows, we wanted to help her preserve these precious memories, so we put her ballet pumps in a special frame along with a photo of Doreen as a young ballerina.
“Doreen was awarded a certificate from the British Ballet organisation. This has provided us with a wonderful insight into her amazing life as a beautiful young ballerina.”

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