Alfreton's charity shops - Oxfam, High Street, Alfreton

Reasons to love Alfreton’s charity shops

Posted by: Katie King

Wed 3rd August 2022

Something we’re not short of in Alfreton is charity shops, with the likes of Oxfam, Ashgate Hospice, Age UK and the Lighthouse Charity all lining the High Street.

Now don’t be surprised if we start to see fashionistas flocking to the town soon – given how trendy second-hand and upcycled clothing is right now. Just look at the latest fashion news from Love Island, where the eBay second-hand line clothed the contestants from head to toe.

Here are some reasons why we love the charity shops in Alfreton:

Upcycling and sustainable fashion

They help reuse, recycle, and upcycling, making way for sustainable fashion. It is one of the easiest ways to reduce waste and increases the lifespan of the resources used. Shops support recycling as the products change hands instead of going to landfills. So it is great for humanity and the environment alike.

Supporting a worthwhile cause

One of the reasons people love charity shops is that the money goes to charity. Part or sometimes the entire proceeds of the sale of goods are donated to good causes, such as donating food,, running education centres in developing countries and more.

Classic collections

You can add some unique or classic collections for a small price. Charity shops sell some timeless pieces that do not go out of style; these statement pieces can become your prized possession. If you want clothing no one else has now, then charity shops are the place to find them. From cocktail dresses to vintage jackets to graphic tees, these shops have no shortage of fashion.

Affordable style

Second-hand clothes cost a fraction of the price of new garments, and charity shops offer high-end designer items for a deal. So you get high street brands and good quality clothing at a fraction of the cost. All types of clothes are available at a decent price, and since the money you spend goes for a good cause, there is no guilt attached too.

Other amazing products

Charity shops usually sell used products like clothes, shoes, books, toys, furniture, electronic items, ornaments, kitchenware, artwork, and more. Some charity shops also sell new goods for the cause the charity supports. Many businesses donate unsold goods to charity, and they can sell these to raise funds.

Inspired? Take a look at the list of charity shops to browse – right on your doorstep:

  • Age UK Derby and Derbyshire, 31 High Street
  • Ashgate Hospice, 75 High Street
  • Barnardo’s, Unit 5, Institute Lane
  • British Heart Foundation, Severn Square
  • Give for Good, 54-56 High Street
  • Lighthouse Charity Shop, 97 High Street
  • Oxfam, 72/74 High Street

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Oxfam Alfreton, High Street

Lighthouse Charity Shop

Ashgate Hospice shop, High Street, Alfreton